2 boys and 4 girls were born Sept.2.
It was all made possible with AI and frozen semen from England. Thank you to Team Gentom for all the help.
GB.Ch.Gentom Peacemaker "Peace"
N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt "Debbie"
Puppies 18 months.
“Maggie” The Blue Magic at Westaway.
”Ennie” The Heart of Eternity
Puppies 6,5 months.
"Moses" Troon The Millennium Star
Puppies 5 months.
Puppies 4 months.
Male 2 - Troon The Zale Light of Peace (Dannie)
Female 4 - Troon The Heart of Eternity (Ennie)
Puppies 3,5months.
Troon The Blue Magic at Westaway (Maggie) 3 mnd
4 Females
Puppies 6 weeks old
2 Males
4 Females
Puppies 3 weeks old