Deerhound Nr.1 in Norway 2009 was N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt.
Nr.2 Her “aunts” Int.Nord.Ch.ww-08Sv-08 Troon Cornelia Cinilla

Nr.3 N.Ch.Troon Julia Cecaris

Norsk Dobermann Klub
BOB and Group 1 was Int.Nord.Ch.WW-08 Sv-08 Troon Cornelia Cinilla
and her son
Skaheras Humphrey Bogart, at 9months, was BOS and got his CC
DKK, Herning Nov.8.
Judge Lotte Jørgensen, Denmark
The results were the same as the day before and this made Miles Int. Nord. Da. Ch.
and Lady Liv became S. Da. Ch.
DKK, Herning Nov.7.
Judge Joan Walsh, Ireland.
BOB, CC, Cacib Nord. Ch. Troon Shadow of Your Smile (Miles)
BOS, CC, Cacib was Shadow’s daughter S.Ch.Cream Island Lady Liv
Fitjar-Stord Hundeklubb, Stord Nov.8.
Judge: Breed Lisbeth Campbell, Group Arne Foss
BOB, BIG-2 N.Ch.Troon Julia Cesaris
Norsk Miniatyrhundklubb, Eidsvoll Nov.8.
Judge: Breed Rita Reyniers, Group Dusan Paunovic
BOB, Group-3 Int.Nord.Ch.WW-08 Troon Cornelia Cinilla
Bergen Selskap og Brukshunklubb 26/09
Breed judge: Dan Ericsson, Sweden. Group judge: Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway.
BOB and Group 2 N.Ch.Troon Julia Cesaris
Fin.Kennel Club, Åland 27/09
Judge: Arne Foss, Norway
BOS, Cacib, Fin.CC and Fin.Championship, S.N.Ch.Troon Shadow of Your Smile, and this made him Nordic Ch.
NKK, Hamar 04/10
Judge: George Kostopoulus, Greece
BOB, Cacib, N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt
Gudbrandsdal Hundeklubb, Hundorp Sept.7
Judge: Åke Sjöström, Sweden.

N.Ch.Troon Julia Cecaris
BOB and Group 2
Bente has been to some All Breed Puppy Shows with our Skahera Betty Grable, barely 5 months old, and they have done very well .
At Mo I Rana 22-23 Aug. she won the Group for Hassi Assenmacher and went on to BIS-4 for Steinar Balken.
Next day she got a Group 2 for Leif Lehmann Jørgensen.
In Trondheim the 29th she got Group 2 for Josefina Gomez Toldra, and in Steinkjær Sept.5 she got another Group 2 for Eli Marie Klepp.
Norwegian Leonberger Club, Drammen Aug.30
Judge: Juan Naveda, Spain
BOB and Group 3 N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt
Klubben for Større Selskapshunder, Drammen Aug.29
Judge: Javier Sanchez Fernandez, Spain
BOB and Group 4 N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt
BB-2 Int.Nord.Ch.WW-08 SV-8 Troon Cornelia Cinilla
Trondheim Hundefestival, Trondheim. Aug.30
Judge: Robin Searle, England
BOB, CC and Group 3 Troon Moon Shadow
BB-2 Nord.Ch.Troon Me and My Shadow
Trondheim Hundefestival, Trondheim. Aug.29
Judge: Josefina Gomez Toldra, Spain.
BOB Nord.Ch.Troon Me and My Shadow
BB-2,CC Troon Moon Shadow
Rana Dogshow, Mosjøen. Aug.23
Judge: Leif Lehman Jørgensen, Danmark

BOB, CC Troon Moon Shadow
Vefsn Dogshow, Mosjøen, Aug.22
Judge: Hassi Assenmacher , Germany

BOB, CC and Group 2 Troon Moon Shadow
NKK Bjerke, Oslo August 15
Breed judge: Richard Meen, Canada and Group judge: Eva Ekstam, New Zealand.
BOB, cacib a Group 4 Int. Nord.Ch.WW-08 Sv-08 Troon Cornelia Cinilla
BOS, cacib Int.Nord.Ch.NV-06/07/08/NordV-06 Troon Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, and
Best Bitch 2 with res.cacib N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt.
Norwegian Sighthound klubb, Nesbyen August 01
judge: Jackie Jackson, South Africa

BOB and Group-2 for, N.Ch.Troon Shadow of A Doubt
Svenska Vinthunsklubben, Svennstavik Augustt 1
judge: Karin Hedberg, Sweden.

BOB and CC Troon Moon Shadow
SKK Int. Svennstavik August 2
Judge: Per Lunström, Sweden
BOB, CC, Cacib and Nordic Ch. title Troon Me and My Shadow
At the Swedish Specialty, this year held in Vesterås with Judge Nenne Runsten, Troon did quite well. It was 70 Deerhounds entered, and
N.Ch.Troon Julia Cecaris was BIS-3 and the young brother of Debbie, S.Ch.Troon Shadow of Your Smile was Best male 4 and won Best Head and Expression.
Kennel Troon was also awarded BIS Breeder.
Miles, best head and Expression
NKK Trondheim 28/06

Judge: Per Iversen, Norway

N.Dk.Ch. Troon me and My Shadow BOB, Cacib
Dk.KK. Vejen 13-14/06
Judge: Paula Heikkinen -Lekonen and Zafra Zirik
N.Ch.Troon Me and My Shadow BB-2,cert, res.cacib and Danish Ch.title
Deerhound Specialty June 6
I am very grateful to Mr.Hector Heathcote, kennel Hyndsight, for choosing ”Debbie” as the BIS winner at the Norwegian Deerhound Specialty June 6-2009.
It was our 20th jubilee with 60 Deerhounds entered.
Norwegian Sighthoundklubb, Hurdal 31/05
Judge: Joan Goldstein
BOB, N.Ch. Troon Marcus Cicero
BOS, Cert & N.Championship Troon Shadow of A Doubt (Debbie)
Norwegian Greyhound Klubb, Hurdal 30/05
Judge: Barbara Ruth Smith USA/Sweden

BOB ,ck Troon Shadow of A Doubt
Norsk Dobermann Klub, 25/04
Judge: Svend Løvenkjær, Sweden, Group judge: Leif-Hermann Wilberg, Norway

BOB, CC, BIG-2 Troon Shadow of A Doubt
BOS, Int.Nord.Ch. Troon Junius Brutus
NKK in Begen, Norway Mars 21
Breed judge: Knut Fr. Blütecher, Norway
N. Ch Troon Julia Cecaris
Troon Me and My Shadow won:
Cert, 2-Best Bitch, Res Cacib and Norwegian Champion title to her credit.
Nordhordland Hundeklubb Mars 1
Breed judge: Peter Rehanek
Group judge: Gunnar Nymann, Danmar

BOB and BIG-1
N. Ch Troon Julia Cecaris
Norsk Boxerklubb Feb.15
Breed judge: Åge Gjetnes, Norway Group judge: Per Iversen, Norway
BOB, BIG-3 Int.Nord.Ch.NordV-06 NV-06/07/08 Troon Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
Jan.11 Norsk Berner Sennenhundklub
Judge: Arne Foss

BOB & BIG-2 Int.Nord.Ch.WW-08NW-08 Troon Cornelia Cinilla
Jan.10 Norsk Dobermannklub
Judge: Henrik Johanson, Sweden & Group Judge: Arne Foss, Norway

BOB & BIG-2 Int.Nord.Ch.WW-08NW-08 Troon Cornelia Cinilla