Annual results-2006
Deerhound in Norway 2006
Nr.1 Nord.Ch.NV-06 NordV-06 Troon Silver Shadow
Nr.2 Int Nord.Fin.Ch. Troon Lady Arwen of Rivendell
Nr.3 Int.Nord.Ch.Troon Queen Galadriel og Elves
Nordic Winner Show , Hamar - 17.11.06
Judgespec: Espen Engh, Norway
Nord.Ch.Troon Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow (Shadow)male f.02/06/04
Won CQ, BOS and got his Nordic Winner titles -2006

Kongsberg Hundeklubb Nov.11 2006

Int. Nord. Fin.Ch
Troon Lady Arwen of Rivendell ( Arwen )

CQ, BOB and BIG-3
Judge: Petter Fodstad, Norway
Int. Nord. Fin.Ch

Troon Lady Arwen of Rivendell ( Arwen )

23.09.06 FKK Viking Line Dog Show, Ă…land, Finland
CQ, BOB and BIG-2
Judge: Espen Engh,Norway and Edvina Thomas,


At NKK, Bjerke 12.08.06

Int. Nord. Fin.Ch

Troon Lady Arwen of Rivendell ( Arwen )

won CQ, BOB and her Norw.Winner title -06
Nord.Ch. Troon Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

won CQ, BOS and his Norw.Winner title -06
Troon, BIS Breeder at the prestigious Swedish Sighthoundclub Specialty in Mariefred
July 30
judge: Harto Stockmari

Multi. Ch. Jaraluv Karaoke (Karrie) 2006
BIS at the Swedish Deerhoundclub Specialty in Mariefred July 29
Judge: Bodil Andersson

Karrie Best Bitch at the Deerhound specialty in Mariefred
July 29-2006

At NKK, Drammen- June-2006
N.Dk.Ch.Troon Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow was
BOB and BIG-2
for judge Jackie Jackson, South Africa
and Nord.Ch.Troon Lady Arwen of Rivendell was
N.Dk.Ch.Shadow BOB and Nord.Ch.Arwen BOS at the Deerhound committee's
cac Show at Lillhammer in June-2006.
Judge Babka Novak, Slovenia